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rright  Homily delivered by Rev. Andrew M Prachar - weekend of December 2, 2012   
rright  Memorandum of Understanding - July 2014   
rright  Township of Berkeley Heights Resolution - July 2014  
rright  Going Home - Frequently Asked Questions regardingthe existing Upper Church  
rright  Updating on Going Home - 9-14-14
rright Going Home Update During Announcements - July 16/17, 2016
rright Going Home Update During Announcements - July 23/24, 2016

The information on the attached drawings is not final. It is just conceptual and will
change as we work through the details in the future with an architect.
Going Home Update During Announcements - September 24/25, 2016
As Father Andy indicated with his update, the town council would shortly be voting to adopt the Redevelopment Plan for the Library to become our new Parish Center, with Little Flower as the designated redeveloper. The town council approved the plan this past week, on Tuesday, September 20th. This is one more step completed on our plan to close the transaction with the town for our Going Home Initiative.



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