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The Religious Formation Program strives to allow parents to:

  • Take ownership of their children’s faith formation
  • Become disciples of the Lord and pass that faith on to their family
  • Develop their relationship with Jesus Christ

This is an ongoing faith formation and a lifelong journey.  We offer classes for children in grades 1st – 7th on Sunday 8:25 or 10:25, on Monday 3:30 and Wednesday 3:30.
Through the Religious Formation Program, parents are able to pass on their faith to their children by way of sharing the importance of knowing God and their religion.

Family Based Catechesis (FBC) is an option open to parish families of Little Flower who practice their faith by attending Mass each Sunday and who strive to live the Catholic life throughout the week. 
The task of passing on the faith is shared through normal interaction which takes place daily in the context of family life.  Families will come together once each month from September through May and will participate in other faith-filled activities during the year. For more information, contact the Parish Offices at (908) 464-7444.

Children's Liturgy of the Word during the 9:30 am Mass.  After the opening prayer, all children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are invited to join the group. Led by parent volunteers, the children will learn about Scripture, complete activities and discuss how the Gospel relates to their own lives before returning to their families for the rest of the Mass. No need to pre-register, just attend the 9:30 am Mass and listen for the invitation to come forward.  

On the third Sunday of the month, the children will remain in the church during Mass and be called forward by the celebrant for Children's Liturgy.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is celebrated in late June of each year.  It is four days of fun, high-energy music, interactive Bible stories, hands-on crafts and snacks! 




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